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A river in a forest
Detecting animal populations A team of researchers, including Professor Louis Bernatchez, receives $12 million for the iTrackDNA project.
Satellite image of northern Canada
Addressing inequalities in the Arctic Professor Gérard Duhaime obtains $2.5M for an ambitious project bringing together partners from 8 countries.
A machine for organic horticulture.
Bio horticulture and controlled environment A new research chair to support food autonomy in Quebec.

Research and Innovation

Université Laval’s accomplished and respected professors make the institution a world-renowned hub for research and innovation. Armed with a transdisciplinary approach, they are committed to making positive impacts in the communities where they work. Some contents are availa

Services for researchers

Improve your odds of success by taking advantage of our services for researchers.

Université Laval’s research community enjoys access to a wide range of services and support regarding funding, responsible conduct of research, ethics, intellectual property, and social innovation in order to foster new initiatives and promote partnerships between researchers.

Ethics and responsible conduct of research

UL provides support to its research community to help foster ethical research and responsible conduct.

Office of the Vice Rector, Research and Innovation

The Office of the Vice Rector, Research and Innovation (VRRCI) draws on its team’s expertise to oversee the growth and promotion of research and innovation at UL.